Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc - Business Development, Estimating, Project Controls, Training, Construction Management

Whatever the size of the construction firm, accurate estimating and careful monitoring of costs are essential components of ensuring a profit. Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. provides group and/or one-on-one training sessions for Estimating, Business Development, and Project Controls. We customize courses to adapt to clients needs. Give us a call to discuss your unique requirements.

Estimating Training: This program teaches the basics of estimating, the different classes of estimating, quantity take offs, audits, and basics of risk assessment. Topic areas covered in the Estimating Program include:

  • Basic construction methods
  • Introduction to cost estimating
  • Types of estimates
  • Tools of the trade
  • Estimate plan
  • Direct and Indirect costs
  • Constructability
  • Networking

Business Development Training: Our Business Development training program will equip the construction contractor with techniques to write a business plan and implement that plan.  Our students will be familiarised with tender requirements and submissions while also being introduced to proposal writing techniques. Topic areas covered in the Business Development program include:

  • Why create a Business Plan?
  • Components of a Business Plan
  • Strategies for Implementing a Business Plan
  • Successful construction bidding
  • Five key items in every proposal and their purpose (tender documents, blueprints, artist rendering, detailed specs, pricing)

Project Controls Training: Our Project Controls training program gives students the basic tools to understand project management, project scheduling, planning & cost control. The objective is that the student will complete the training with knowledge and understanding of full project controls management. Topic areas covered in the Project Controls program include:

  • Project Management Principles and Essentials
  • Project Management tools
  • Project Cost Management – Estimating, budgeting, and tracking
  • Understanding key stakeholders and responsibilities
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication

Ideal for contractors and business managers in the construction industry, our training will bring your skills to the next level. Call us today at 416-816-4913 for the next program offering in your area.