Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc - Business Development, Estimating, Project Controls, Training, Construction Management

Itís no secret that construction project costs often overrun. Proper planning, earned value progress measurement and accurate reporting are required as the tools for successful project management and can mean the difference between making and losing money. You need qualified and experienced project planners, schedulers and cost control engineers who can develop, implement and maintain project controls procedures to identify and control deviations from the project plan.

Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. provides management support for small and large contracting companies. We provide timely and accurate information to the project team, ensuring it is fully operational and completed safely.

Project Controls go beyond monitoring the cost and schedule of a construction project. It is the hands-on creation, management and control of budgets and schedules throughout the project. Specific services provided by Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. include:

  • planning
  • scheduling
  • forecast cost estimate review
  • cost & scheduling control
  • work progress assessment

Effective project management is critical for a construction project to be successful. Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. provides the following management services to meet that objective:

  • strategic recommendations
  • scheduling
  • managing overall construction process
  • quality assurance and control
  • audit work
  • monthly reporting
  • assess external impacts (environmental, community)
  • insurance, permit and bonding requirements

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