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Whether a small renovation or a multi-billion dollar capital project, Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. will develop or review capital cost estimates of every size and complexity. With the current state of the construction industry having a cost consultant and cost engineer that is experienced, realistic, and efficient has never been more important.

The key to building more projects, gaining more winning bids, winning larger projects and earning higher profits is to be cost effective. Outsourcing your job estimating helps you reduce expenses by not having to hire, train and maintain more estimators.

Detailed Estimating

  • Material Take-Off - analyzing the drawings and determining all the materials required to execute the design and construction – includes a list of materials with quantities and types e.g. grade of steel

  • Development of Cost Estimate - Class 5 (Conceptual), Class 4 (Feasibility), Class  3 (Budget), Class 2 (Definitive /Tender), Class 1 (Check/Forecast)

  • Risk / Contingency Assessment - Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Audits of cost forecasting estimates during projects in execution

  • Budgeting

Third Party Estimate Review

Look no further than Streamline Projects. for your third party construction estimate review. Even though we analyze against historical data, unit costs and benchmarks with other similar projects, in today’s construction climate this is not enough. We go beyond the ‘bird’s eye’ view and probe deeper into the details of the estimate to ensure that all the project specific factors are reflected in the estimate. Our expertise includes realistic consideration of:

  • Base Unit Hours & Project Specific Productivity Factors
  • Construction Execution Approach, Schedule & Impact on Indirect Costs
  • Logistics and Fabrication Plan
  • Contracting Strategy

Tender/Bid Estimate Applications

  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP) / Alternative Financing
  • Design Build
  • Lump Sum
  • Unit Rate
  • Time and Material/Reimbursable


Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. utilizes the world renowned software as the primary estimating tool.

Quick, fast, accurate estimating reports at reasonable prices allow you to focus on your clients needs.

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